Anti-aging medicine


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The use of anti-aging therapies today is a reality in the field of medicine. The effects and benefits are supported by clinical evidence and the presence of scientific societies and universities to ensure the dissemination and understanding of these innovative therapies, as well as proper practice by medical professionals.

Can we stop aging?

The desire to be rejuvenated or to grow young again is inherent in human beings, because the aging process is usually associated with deterioration and disease. Consequently, anti-aging therapies date back to the origins of medicine.

Currently, scientific research in this field is extensive, having come a long way in recent times.
During the twentieth century we limit ourselves to the idea that, scientifically, we cannot talk about rejuvenation, but a certain revitalizing of the organs. Today, based on current knowledge, we can try to prevent the clinical deterioration associated with aging, in order to preserve the best possible quality of life.

Current scientific studies have enabled the understanding of the main factors that cause aging.

Among these, two stand out:

  • Oxidative stress
  • The decrease in the secretion and action of hormones in the body.

This means that, since we know the factors that cause this process, we can make use of appropriate techniques today to minimize their effects.

¨ It is not about adding  years to life, but life to years ¨