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Dra Ámina Alani

Dra. Ámina Alani Ogea

Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón

Dr. Francisco Javier Hidalgo Tallón

At Clinaging, we have years of experience in providing the most advanced anti-aging therapies and the practice and application of our knowledge with older and young people alike, who for various reasons, have experienced premature aging.

Our main objective is to improve the quality of life of the person through the application of therapies and making changes in lifestyle.


At Clinaging, the approach we bring to anti-aging medicine is fundamentally therapeutic and preventive, giving greater relevance to the clinical aspects, although remembering the aesthetic factor and applications for sport.

Our therapies are specifically aimed at the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, so that they may be appropriate for almost anyone


Today, with only a moderate dose of prevention, the expectation of a full and healthy life is not the privilege of a few but a chance for the majority.

Dr.Luis Rojas Marcos


Based on the completion of a medical history, analysis of potential risk factors in the healthy person and the impact of disease on quality of life, a personalized treatment plan will be designed.

Important factors taken into account shall include time available and the geographical circumstances of each person.